Team projects reinforce communication and collaboration skills.

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The Steps to Leadership

Knowing how to lead starts on day one with our curriculum.

Leadership is about creating the framework for the discussion. To get the best out of others in a collaborative environment. It starts with a solid understanding of business fundamentals. It builds with the development of your critical thinking and strategic planning skills. It culminates by improving your ability to lead.

advice video During the first semester, you’ll focus on “toolkit” skills (accounting, statistics, and economics), functional skills (finance, marketing, operations) and management skills (critical thinking, communication, strategy, leadership). This intensive program is intended to push you. To give you the critical skills you need to excel in the fast-paced world of business. And to give you a comprehensive overview of business while allowing you time to choose the direction you want to go.

At Olin, we don’t just teach, we prepare you for the marketplace.

Class Structure

Here, learning is diverse. Each course topic, professor and student is different. That’s why, in addition to regular three-credit-hour courses, we offer compressed .5- to two-credit-hour courses that we call “minis.” These short-format classes cater to your individual needs and requirements, and expose you to a variety of topics.

In your first Mini A, faculty members introduce the key models and tools needed to frame and analyze the fundamental issues of management. When you choose a Career Platform, you’ll start an industry seminar course – or more than one if you wish to explore additional career options.

In your first Mini B, you learn about finance, marketing, and operations – major functional areas of business. And you continue to take platform industry seminar courses.

Integrative Experiences

Olin takes its core program one step further with real-time, hands-on cases. The required course Critical Thinking and Impactful Communication teaches you to think analytically. How to use your abilities to correctly identify and solve problems. And put them to the test in the real world.

As part of the class, you’ll participate in an intensive case competition experience – called Integrated Case Experience (ICE). Test your analytical, critical-thinking, and communication skills under pressure. In teams, you’ll define and solve real, current, and complex problems faced by some of Olin’s corporate partners. And you’ll present your recommendations to executives from the organization.