​Focus Your MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

What’s dropped on a consumer’s doorstep by an Amazon drone usually starts in a factory in a far-off land. Managing the process from sourcing to delivery is complex, sophisticated, and demanding. It’s a global, multi-dimensional challenge to meet rapidly changing consumer demand in a world changing even faster.

The MBA supply chain management platform gives you the knowledge, understanding, and analytical skills required to address these modern challenges. And take advantage of opportunities. Your increased knowledge, in areas like information technology and risk management, puts you in a position to be a modern innovator. To develop new strategies to help employers remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Concentrations within this platform include:

  • Operations/Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Consulting

Upon completion of this platform, you’ll be prepared for careers in consulting and strategy, as well as for positions such as product/process/project manager, consulting/engagement manager, or COO.

Platform Director: Sergio Chayet, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Manufacturing Management
Club/Organization: Olin Supply Chain and Operations Association
Credit Requirements: 15.5 credits (6.5 foundation credits, 3 experiential learning credits, and 6 concentration credits). Read more about operations and supply chain concentrations (PDF).