Focus Your MBA in Marketing

Here’s where you discover it’s all about the brand—and why it’s important.

Learn how to craft programs that make consumers want to buy. How to direct consumer marketing efforts, and how to coordinate sales, advertising, design, operations, market research, and business analysis to get your product or service to market. You’ll discover the true meaning of the term “brand advocate” as you develop your skills in all areas of marketing.

Choose MBA marketing concentrations based on your interests:

  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • Customer Analytics
Platform Director: Michael Wall, Professor of Practice in Marketing
Club/Organization: Olin Marketing Association
Credit Requirements: 20 or 21.5 credits (9.5 foundation credits, 9 concentration credits, and at least one experiential learning component for an additional 1.5 or 3 credits. Contact your academic advisor for details.

Niki McKinney | MBA 2014

“The platforms gave me the chance to look at different functions and industries early in the MBA program. Marketing professionals visited our classes and walked us through their specific brand strategies and initiatives.”