​International Process

1. Evaluate loan options. International students are not eligible for U.S. federal student loans but may be eligible for private loans.

Alternative Loans

Students interested in taking alternative loans will need to go directly to the lenders website and complete the application online. The academic period for the Fall and Spring semesters will run August through May. Spring-only loans will be January through May.

The maximum amount of the loan you can request is the total listed on the need analysis page times the number of semesters in one academic year. A SEPARATE LOAN APPLICATION IS REQUIRED FOR THE SUMMER TERM AND EACH ACADEMIC YEAR. A sample list of lenders can be accessed at the website.

Alternative Full-Time MBA International Loan without a U.S. cosigner

Applications will not be available until you arrive on campus, but this program is typically available for any international student admitted to our full-time MBA program.

2017-18 MBA Non-Cosigner Loan Terms

  • 10 percent fixed interest rate. No origination fees or prepayment penalties
  • 10-year repayment term that begins 90 days upon graduation or program withdrawal; 15-year repayment available upon request
  • Interest will start accruing from the date the loan is disbursed.
  • Interest is capitalized one time at repayment.
  • Loan limits are tuition minus scholarship.
  • Choice of paying interest while in school or having interest capitalized once the grace period expires.
  • Separate loan applications are required for the fall and spring semesters

2. Submit your Financial Assistance Application to:

Olin Graduate Financial Aid
Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box 1156
Knight Hall Room 310
1 Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130

Fax: 314-935-4464

3. Students who have paid the deposit will be contacted once their Institutional Application and/or loan certification requests are received. Full-time MBA students may use a combination of both cosigner and non-cosigner programs to fund their studies at Olin. Depending on the lender that is selected, students using an alternative loan with cosigner can usually begin their application process 60 days prior to the start of Mini-term A. Applications for the non-cosigner loan program will not be available until a student arrives on campus.