Insight into the Olin Experience

What does it really mean to be an Olin MBA student? These alumni and students share their experiences in the program. And how an MBA from Olin prepared them for a purposeful and successful career.

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MBA 2021
“I want my career to have multiple dimensions, and my education at Olin has opened my eyes to how I can manage this idea into a reality.”
Medicine (MD)
MBA 2021
“Olin has taken me to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. All of this is just the first year of my MBA program.”
MBA 2021
“The diverse cultures, perspectives and values amalgamating for a business outcome that serves people is an incredible phenomenon of our time.”
“I can confidently say that my time at Olin is going to propel me to entrepreneurial success.”
Business Analytics (MS)
MBA 2020
“I want to be an ally, advocate and co-conspirator in building inclusive futures. This includes undoing the harm of systemic racial inequality and amplifying the voice of underrepresented communities.”
MBA 2014
Humana, Louisville, KY
“Before I came to Olin, I couldn’t have explained what a consultant really was. Now, I know the field is the perfect fit for me.”
MBA 2020
“Olin offered me the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills through an effective and interactive experiential approach to learning.”
MBA/MSW 2016
Management Consultant
Accenture, Los Angeles
“I thought the MBA program would help me funnel down my career choices, but, instead, it has funneled up wonderful opportunities in the social-impact field.”
Social Work
MBA 2016
Investment Analyst
Washington University in St. Louis
“I loved Washington University the moment I saw it.”
Finance (MS)
MBA 2011
Director of Branded Products
Debmar-Mercury (division of Lionsgate), New York
“I came to Olin to supplement my creative background and to accelerate a career in marketing.”
MBA 2014
Category Analytics Manager
Pylon Manufacturing, Deerfield Beach, Florida
“The get-what-you-want-out-of-life attitude of some of my peers really impressed me.”
Operations & Supply Chain Management
MBA 2013
Venture Principal
Monsanto Company, St. Louis
“I wanted to break out of my given career trajectory. Venture capital was what I was passionate about.”
MBA 2015
Project Manager
Mitchell International, San Diego
“I had a really great time, and I made friends – things I didn’t expect would happen on my first day in the United States.”
MBA 2015
Inclusion Ventures, San Francisco Bay Area
“Almost anything you could possibly want to do, you can do at Olin.”
MBA 2014
Management Development Associate
Edward Jones, St. Louis
“The quality and accessibility of Olin professors blew me away.”
MBA 2014
Brand Manager
WhiteWave Foods, Broomfield, Colorado
“The platform concept gave me the chance to look at different functions and industries early in the MBA program.”
Tod Stephens, MBA/JD 2013
Industrial Security Attorney
Armstrong Teasdale, St. Louis
“The critical-thinking components of Olin’s curriculum revolutionized the way I tackle problems.”
Law (JD)
MBA 2014
Senior Consultant
IBM, St. Louis
“Olin alumni are smart, ambitious, talented people.”