Online Program Career Services

We’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Working full time and pursuing an online degree to advance your career is anything but easy. And whether you want to rise in the ranks at your current organization or take on new challenges somewhere else, the Weston Career Center (WCC) helps you showcase your talents and advance to the next phase of your career.

The WCC takes a student-centric approach to career services, providing resources and expert, personalized support to help you achieve your career goals. Our team includes dedicated career coaches who are your primary point of contact and industry specialists who are uniquely equipped to provide deep industry knowledge and support for career advancement through the relationships they’ve built and cultivated with industry professionals in the field.

Achieve your goals with career services that take you through a guided timeline throughout your studies.

Graduate Certificate Students

Your services begin with self-reflection.

  • Collaborate with your dedicated career coach to assess your career situation, take assessments/inventories and establish priorities and goals
  • Use on-demand digital career resources in learn.WashU
  • Build your individual career development plan
  • In addition to meeting with your career coach individually, receive career support through attending webinars and coffee chats—live or asynchronously—at your convenience

Advanced Graduate Certificate Students

Next, we focus on your unique career story.

  • Develop your career story to feature your strengths and showcase your value proposition during a personal branding boot camp
  • Attend a panel discussion or webinar on marketing your career with your current company, preparing for professional reviews and preparing for internal versus external interviews

Degree Candidates

It’s time to focus on strategy and your career journey—now and in the future. In addition to resources and services available to certificate-seekers, you have some additional tools.

  • Access the WashU and Olin alumni networks, online job postings and campus recruitment opportunities
  • Take advantage of WashU Olin’s lifelong career services
  • Gain strategies to put your career development plan into action and level up your journey with individual and group coaching

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