​MS in Supply Chain Management (MSSCM) Curriculum

​The STEM-designated MSSCM program is comprised of 36 credits of graduate level coursework and provides a broad cross-functional managerial perspective.

The MSSCM program is typically pursued in a three-semester format. Depending upon your previous coursework, areas of interest, and personal preference, you may have the option of completing the program in two semesters.

Part-Time Option

The MSSCM track is also available on a part-time basis. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact our office at OlinGradAdmissions@wustl.edu to learn more.

A minimum 3.0 grade point average must be maintained for graduation eligibility.

MSSCM Courses
Foundation Course
Required for all students, regardless of academic background. Class begins in late-August and is listed in Fall registration.
  • B67 OMM 510 Operations Management Foundations (2)

Online Foundation Workshops beginning in July
These workshops are assigned as needed and are on a pass/fail basis.
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting

Fall Semester (15 credits 17 credits with Foundation Course)

Fall A Fall B
B67 OMM 510 Operations Mgmt Foundations (2)
B67 OMM 572 Strategic Quality Management (1.5)
B67 OMM 576 Foundations of SC Management (1.5)
B66 OB 561 Negotiation and Conflict Management (1.5)
B63 MGT 550B Managing the Innovation Process (1.5)
B67 OMM 577 IT & Supply Chain Management (1.5)
B67 OMM 500D Project Management (3)
B67 OMM 500M Supply Chain Analytics-Stochastic Models (1.5)
B67 OMM 501 Global Supply Chain and Logistics System Design Project-Practicum (1.5)
B63 MGT 550Z Professional Communication Forum (1.5)

Spring Semester (15 credits)

Spring A Spring B
OMM 559 Managing Global Business Process Outsourcing for Competitive Advantage (1.5)
B60 ACCT 502 Managerial Control Systems (1.5)
B66 OB 565 Leading Change (1.5)
B62 FIN 524 Options and Futures (1.5)
Marketing Elective (1.5) B65 MKT 558 Pricing Strategies recommended
B67 OMM 500E Supply Chain Risk Management (1.5)
B67 OMM 573 Operations Mgmt in the Service Industry (1.5)
OMM 500F Advanced Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (1.5)
OMM 500N Supply Chain Analytics: Optimization (1.5)
OMM 554 Operations Planning and Control (3)

Final Fall Semester (6 credits)

Fall A Fall B
B62 FIN 524 Options and Futures (1.5)
B65 MKT 579G Contemporary Marketing Channels (1.5)
or B63 MGT 534 01 02 Corporate Strategy (1.5) in Fall B
B63 MGT 534 Corporate Strategy (1.5)
or B65 MKT 579G Contemporary Marketing Channels (1.5) in Fall A
B67 OMM 558 Advanced Operations Strategy (3)
36 CREDITS TOTAL (33 required, 3 elective credits)
Academic Director - Sergio Chayet
Download MSSCM Course Descriptions (PDF)

Note to International students: Additional English courses may be required or waived based on an English assessment upon arrival. If taken, these courses are over and above required credits, are graded on a pass/fail basis, and do not count towards GPA calculation.

Transfer of Credit

Olin Business School will accept up to nine credits of graduate coursework taken at another AACSB accredited institution if the grades you earned are "B" or better, and the Academic Review Committee judges the courses to be equivalent to Olin MSSCM classes in quality and content. Submit the course syllabus and transcript to your academic adviser upon enrollment.