​​Student Perspectives on Specialized Masters

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Customer Analytics Analyst
“I’m surrounded by smart, driven, competitive students at WashU. But the school environment isn’t cutthroat. We even practice for job interviews together.”
Audit Assistant
“Accountants are trusted to do good and to provide financial assurances for business leaders, employees, creditors, investors, and regulators.”
Tax Intern
Express Scripts
“The MACC program is a great fit for me. Accounting requirements match my personality. I’m detail-oriented and always pay attention to the small things as well as to the big picture.”
Strategic Sourcing Intern​​
ADT Securities
“At WashU, I have the luxury of sharing my opinions and listening to the opinions of my peers. That’s a major difference from my school experience in China.​”​
CRM Marketing Analyst
“The field of big data is always changing, with new insights coming every day. I love the unknown power of it. Analysts can always dig deeper and find something new.”​​
​​Supply Chain Design Consultant
“The supply chain field is a continuous learning environment that changes–and is updated–constantly. WashU prepared me for both the analytical and the operational sides of the supply chain coin.”
​​Investment Risk Analyst
​​Ascension Investment Management
“For me, the program had the right balance of computer science, math, and finance. My skills were enhanced in a big way. And I learned to speak the industry language.”
​Judge advocate
Judge Advocate General’s Corps
“Law schools tend to emphasize individual endeavors. But the military is all about teamwork—and so is the business school. Olin teaches how to lead teams and promotes a collaborative environment.”