MS in Customer Analytics (MSCA) Curriculum

The STEM-designated MSCA consists of 39 graduate-level course credits.

The MSCA full-time program is three semesters in length and students begin the program with foundation courses in late summer.

Part-Time Option

The MSCA track is also available on a part-time basis. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact our office at to learn more.

A minimum 3.0 grade point average must be maintained for graduation.

MS in Customer Analytics Courses

Foundation Courses

These courses are over and above the 39 required credits and are Pass/Fail.

    • MKT 500R Fundamentals of Statistics and SPSS Programming (0.5) (Credits count toward Fall Semester)
    • MKT 500V R Programming (0.5) (Credits count toward Fall Semester)
    • Coursera: Introduction to Marketing (co-taught by 3 Wharton faculty)

Fall 201716.5 Credits (17.5 with Foundation Course)

Fall A Fall B
MGT 560F: Professional Business Communications (1.5)
MGT 560G: Database Design & SQL (1.5)
OMM 5705 Quantitative Decision Making (1.5)
Full Semester Courses
MKT 577: Marketing Strategy (3)
MKT 378 Marketing Research (3)
Poli Sci 363 Quantitative Political Methodology (3)

MGT 620: Empirical Methods in Business (3)

Foundation Courses:
MKT 500R Fundamentals of Statistics and SPSS Programming (0.5)
MKT 500V R Programming (0.5)

Spring 2018 (16.5 credits)

Spring A Spring B
MKT 555A Data Analysis for Brand Management (1.5) or MKT 378 in Fall 2016
MKT 500U Digital Marketing (1.5)

MKT 558 Pricing Strategy (1.5)
MKT 555 Analytics-Driven Brand Management (1.5)

MKT 558B Pricing Decision Making & Implementation (1.5)
Semester-long Courses
MKT 500S Predictive Analytics for Business Decision-Making (3)
MKT 500T Customer Analytics Using Probability Models (3)

CSE 131 Computer Science I (3)

Fall 2018 (6 credits)

Semester-long Courses
MKT 500Q Intensive Industry Project (3)

MEC 537 Data Analysis, Forecasting and Risk Analysis (3)

Total 39 required credits

Choose 10.5 credits from Elective List


MATH 475: Statistical Computation (3)

MEC 537: Data Analysis, Forecasting and Risk Analysis (3)

MGT 620: Empirical Methods in Business (3)

MKT 558: Pricing Strategy (1.5)

MKT 558B: Pricing Decision and Implementation (1.5)

CSE 131: Computer Science (3)

CSE 241: Algorithms and Data Structure (3)

CSE 316A: Social Network Analysis (3)

CSE 330S: Rapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming (3)

CSE 417A: Introduction to Machine Learning (3) (or CSE 517A during Spring 2017)

CSE 427: Cloud Computing with Big Data Applications (3)

CSE 514A: Data Mining (3)

CSE 517A: Machine Learning (3) (or CSE 417A)

Academic Director Seethu Seetharaman
Download MSCA Course Descriptions (pdf)

Note: Only 12 hours of approved CSE courses may count toward degree requirements.

International students: Additional English courses may be required or waived based on an English assessment upon arrival. If taken, these courses are over and above required credits, are graded on a pass/fail basis, and do not count towards a student’s GPA calculation.

Course Sequencing

  • MKT 555A before MKT 555
  • MKT 571A before MKT 571B
  • MKT 500Q must be taken in your final semester

Transfer of Credit

Olin Business School will accept up to nine credits of graduate coursework taken at another AACSB accredited institution if the grades you earned are "B" or better, and the Academic Review Committee judges the courses to be equivalent to Olin MSCA classes in quality and content. Submit the course syllabus and transcript to your academic advisor upon enrollment.