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“Deloitte sponsored a case competition, guided us through an analysis, and provided a coach. Deloitte took a class assignment and brought it to the real world, which is an experience I feel very lucky to have.” - Leah Kraft, BSBA ’16

Each day, great ideas are exchanged in a highly collaborative, reciprocal environment. With your involvement, you are able to tell the story of your corporate culture and how you do business while being exposed to our students’ insights and fresh thinking.

As a result, Olin students are increasingly well rounded and savvy due to firsthand exposure to seasoned leaders from the business community. Within the Olin-corporate cycle, the exchange of ideas, energy, and people is ever ongoing and invaluable to companies like yours.
  • Leadership summits, speaker series, and other programs strengthen your ties to the business community, develop partnerships, and help you stay informed.
  • You are able to connect with peers, industry leaders, and renowned faculty for discussions and debates on timely business issues.
  • Give back by imparting your wisdom and real-world experiences to tomorrow’s leaders to help prepare, inspire, and transform our students.

Fast Facts

Approximate # of corporate friends and alumni who give their time each year to support the Olin community.