Degree & Privileges

This partnership between two universities provides you with an expanded set of opportunities. Students receive a degree that is jointly issued and fully recognized by IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis. Upon enrollment into the Executive MBA program, individuals will be members of both IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis communities and have access to the resources of both institutions, just like other students (access to library, Internet, gymkhana, and so on).

After students graduate, they will be alumni of both the institutions, and have access to the activities, privileges, and honors accordingly. The students are governed by the academic rules and regulations of the joint EMBA program, which are revised periodically.

The students are expected to be resident at the program venue when classes are scheduled.

The students will receive the provisional degree certificate after completing the program requirements, and the final joint Executive MBA degree at the convocation in IIT Bombay.

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