First class enrolled in Washington University Executive MBA in Mumbai

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Average Class Composition

Peers from diverse professional backgrounds

The composition of the Mumbai class is similar to that of Washington University cohorts in the United States and Shanghai. These cohorts include a diverse mix of professionals coming from many types of organizations ranging from smaller entrepreneurial endeavors to large global corporations. In addition:
  • The average years of professional experience is 15; however, some students have as few as eight years experience and some as many as 25.
  • Students hold a wide range of undergraduate degrees, and many have post-graduate degrees in engineering, medicine, law, or other professional services.
  • Many industries are represented.
  • Some executive students’ organizations pay 100 percent of their Executive MBA tuition fee, some receive partial funding, and some fully fund the program themselves.

The cohort model complementing the curriculum lends itself to fostering a collaborative environment where the learning is as much from your peers and the collective 500 years experience in the classroom as it is from the professors.