Expanding and Refining Your Leadership Skills

Leadership takes skill, repeated practice, and measurement – from personal evaluations and from faculty and peer feedback. Professional Development Planning (PDP) is built into the curriculum of the Washington University-Fudan University Executive MBA program.

Tools for personal and professional development

PDP provides benchmarks you revisit on a regular basis. The objectives are for you to define your personal leadership profile, strengthen your ability to develop employees within your organization, enhance team performance, become a more effective communicator, and direct your career path.

The PDP process begins during orientation and continues throughout the program. You also can engage in PDP – and take advantage of Fudan University resources – after you graduate.

The Fudan MBA Career Development Office is the first of its kind in China. The office connects you to industry and company information and to services such as career planning workshops, one-on-one consulting, and other types of training.

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