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Three Required Residencies Enrich Learning

Opening residency brings your class together

You begin the Washington University-Fudan University Executive MBA program with the Opening Residency in Suzhou, China. During the residency, you examine management strategy, form study groups, and get to know members of your class – senior-level professionals from a wide range of organizations in Asia and other areas. Together, you begin to establish a unique class culture.

Midprogram residency offers flexible location

You and your classmates chose the location of the Midprogram Residency (Travel time must be no longer than five hours by plane from Shanghai, however). Taiwan was a recent choice and the first time many EMBA students experienced the country’s food, culture, and business practices. The visit was facilitated by Washington University’s and Fudan University’s relationships with National Taiwan University.

International residency focuses on innovation

Your two-week International Management Residency in St. Louis is the capstone experience of the program. Residency teachings and activities accentuate the innovation theme. You learn about new business research and practices that can help your organization think more creatively, enhance its product (or services) pipeline, and manage the risk associated with innovation.

In addition, you collaborate with U.S. program students on special projects, meet with influential business leaders, and take in-depth tours of local companies.

Near the end of the residency, you participate in a comprehensive, highly interactive simulation. And you complete the program by attending a special graduation ceremony, celebrating with your U.S. counterparts.