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Study Groups Enhance Team Performance

To lead effectively, executives must be able to build and direct teams that drive organizational performance.

In the Washington University-Fudan University Executive MBA program, you’re assigned to a group of seven to eight classmates. The EMBA team carefully constructs the groups to include diverse – but complementary – professionals from a wide variety of organizations, industries, and functional areas. Your study group provides support that increases your success in the program. Class assignments often have tight deadlines and require you to work together and draw on each individual member’s expertise.

A microcosm for leadership development

Your study group also serves as a learning laboratory for both team and leadership development. You collaborate with your group members to enhance learning, share perspectives, compare practices, apply management frameworks, assess one another’s skills, and offer feedback and coaching.

During the Midprogram Residency, study teams are rearranged to mirror an actual work environment and to help you form new connections and professional networks.