A structured professional development planning process ensures your program ROI.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Measurement. Assessment. Feedback. That’s the foundation of leadership development. In addition to personal assessments, you’ll also learn about yourself from coaches, professors and peers—honing your personal leadership style that’s built into the EMBA curriculum.

Defining your personal leadership style

Executive MBA leadership coaching

Part of the program’s individualized leadership development includes assessments designed to help define your leadership style. You’ll gain a better understanding of your strengths—along with target areas for growth. Through executive leadership coaching, you’ll be able to respond to your strengths and weaknesses, enhance your listening skills, prepare for difficult conversations and increase your ability to inspire.

Your leadership coaching sessions will map closely to what’s happening with EMBA curriculum, reinforcing and complementing what you’re learning in the classroom. Certified leadership coaches will provide personalized feedback to help you evolve your leadership abilities.

This process is designed to help you make career choices that fit your goals and aspirations, encourage continual professional development and discovery, and create value for your organization. It strengthens your ability to develop employees within your organization and enhance team performance.

As soon as you enroll in the MBA program, you can take advantage of the job-search resources offered by Olin’s Weston Career Center, including job postings, alumni networking contacts, and company-sponsored information sessions and events.