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Study Teams Build Performance and Collaboration

Your study teams provide support that increases your success throughout the program. The EMBA team carefully curates teams to include diverse but complementary professionals from a wide variety of organizations, industries, and functional areas. The objective is for each team to leverage the various strengths and perspectives of its members and to function like a mini corporate board. EMBA students say their teams become learning laboratories and second families.

Microcosms for leadership development

Your study teams also function as microcosms for both team and leadership development. You work side by side with your team members to enhance learning, share perspectives, compare practices, apply management frameworks, assess one another’s skills, and offer feedback and coaching. You also work together on most program projects and assignments, mirroring the collaborative environment of high-performing institutions.

At key points in the program, you complete a Team Development Survey and a Team Behavior Inventory. You also learn how to overcome what The Table Group management consultant Patrick Lencioni terms the “five dysfunctions of a team: an absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.”

Study teams are rearranged in the second year of the program when you begin work on your innovation project. The regrouping replicates the formation of creative teams in an actual work environment and helps you build new connections and networks.

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