​First-Year Curriculum

You begin the Executive MBA program with the Go! Week residency.

Core courses provide a comprehensive overview of business disciplines and illustrate how functional areas intersect. Understanding these interrelationships is essential for enterprise-wide management. Effective business decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. To deliver strong results, you must be able to integrate financial, operational, and strategic objectives.

Professors link class learnings to the specific knowledge and skills needed for your second-year innovation project.

During your first year in the program, you participate in a team-development workshop, where you reflect on your team experience to date, share best practices, and chart a course for future progress.

You also participate in the Business of Policy: DC Immersion. Only Olin offers Executive MBA students a residency with prominent public-policy organization the Brookings Institution. Some of the best-known names in government provide an insider’s view of US policymaking and legislation. You observe the many-sided relationship between business and government.