​Supporting People, Profits, and the Planet

Organizations around the world support a triple bottom line focused on financial, social, and environmental goals – or profits, people, and the planet. The objectives aren’t mutually exclusive. Research indicates a growing number of companies’ sustainable practices are profitable. In fact, the Competing Values Model and other strategies taught in Olin’s executive education seminars and programs view sustainability as a growth opportunity rather than a constraint.

EMBA program promotes sustainability initiatives

The Business of Policy: DC Immersion Residency combines decision-making and sustainability theories with on-the-ground knowledge from government, public policy, and industry leaders who work in the nation’s capital.

“Because of Olin’s unique partnership with the Brookings Institution, the Executive MBA program can provide a slate of access and expertise that’s not available in other EMBA programs,” says Lamar Pierce, academic director of Brookings Executive Education’s Master of Science in Leadership program and associate professor of strategy.

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Carlos Hirsch | EMBA 38

"We start by acknowledging that our actions impact people, other companies, and other countries."

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