​Generating Value with Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation promote organizational growth and competitive advantage.

“Companies that redefine what it means to play the game set themselves apart from the crowd,” says Stuart Bunderson, associate dean and director of Executive Programs and George and Carol Bauer Professor of Organizational Ethics and Governance. “More important, they capture value for stakeholders.”

Develop new ways of thinking and problem solving

Despite misconceptions about “lone geniuses” and “brilliant flashes of light,” creativity and innovation are teachable processes – provided you learn them from experts who promote different ways of thinking and problem solving.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is one of three management themes covered in the Executive MBA US program’s second-year curriculum. EMBA faculty teach you how to encourage idea generation, evaluate prospective projects, develop innovation models, manage your company’s innovation pipeline, determine your enterprise’s worth, and secure investment.

Throughout the Innovation and Entrepreneurship theme, you and your team develop your new-venture business plan. Company executives, potential investors, and Olin faculty members judge each team’s pitch deck or presentation during the capstone competition.

Olin’s nondegree creativity and innovation offerings

You also can take advantage of offerings such as Motivating People, Leading and Growing Highly Effective Teams, Difficult Conversations, and Executive Communication Strategies. View nondegree offerings.

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Ronak Sheth | EMBA 36

"Innovation and creativity are two of the most-critical factors for a startup’s success."

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