​A Focus on Enterprise-Wide Management

One of the prerequisites to organizational leadership is the ability to think outside of a particular functional area. To advance in your organization, you need to understand all the business disciplines and how they intersect to enhance overall performance. That knowledge, in turn, enables you to solve big-picture management problems quickly and effectively and to drive results for your people and organization.

Olin’s degree and nondegree programs prepare you for enterprise-wide management.

EMBA program provides cross-functional knowledge and strategic vision

The Executive MBA program’s first-year curriculum teaches management fundamentals from a decision maker’s perspective. Courses reinforce business functions’ interrelationships. Second-year themes dig into high-priority management challenges, explore solutions to complex business problems, and promote entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. In addition, the themes further integrate teachings from the core curriculum.

Nondegree offerings geared to top-level management

You also can take advantage of offerings such as Motivating People, Leading and Growing Highly Effective Teams, Difficult Conversations, and Executive Communication Strategies. View Olin's nondegree offerings.

Jason Froelich | EMBA 36

"I make choices I wasn’t equipped to make before, which enables me to be a better leader."

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