Career Advancement for Executive MBAs

C-suite bound or startup dreaming, we’re ready to help you get there.

The business world never stays still. Organizations are becoming global and more complex, or flatter and more agile. Stakeholders want a larger say in their company’s direction. Customers demand better value in products and services. Employers want professionals who can innovate as well as take charge of the enterprise. And managing change is part of every executive’s job description.

One-on-one coaching helps you get where you want to go.

Executive career coaching helps you “take charge of your career,” whether you want to transition to a new industry or field, start your own business or move up in your current organization. Our one-on-one strategy sessions help you define your strengths, clarify your personal brand, improve your networking skills, become more confident and approachable, and leverage professional opportunities that are right for you.

Our Certified Career Management Coaches are generalists who can work with you regardless of function or industry. However, as their career backgrounds are quite varied, you’ll always have the option to request a specific coach, if you prefer.

There’s no cost for these services, and meetings can be set up at mutually agreed upon times that fit your schedule. Furthermore, your WashU EMBA degree entitles you to lifelong, personalized career support and executive coaching from the Weston Career Center throughout your professional career—and even a second career or retirement.

Meet our EMBA executive career coaches

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Mary Houlihan

Executive Career Coach, Certified Career Management Coach

Don Halpin

Executive Career Coach, Certified Career Management Coach

What EMBAs say about executive career coaches.

“I was curious about leaving my role as CEO for a senior vice president role at a much larger company. My executive career coach offered me perspectives that I hadn’t previously considered. Afterward, I felt confident that accepting the new job offer was the right decision.”
—Jordan Powell, EMBA 2019

“During the process I was able to apply all that I learned from my coach. When the offer came, I took time to evaluate every aspect of the compensation package and negotiated when needed. I got a final offer that not only made me feel valued, but also gave me a nice ROI for my EMBA program!”
—Patricia Barco, EMBA 2020

Join Team EMBA, an elite network of professionals.

Team EMBA is a community of EMBA students and alumni who are committed to helping each other succeed. Members connect via our proprietary, highly interactive digital platform learn.WashU.

  • Networking: Once enrolled at Olin, Team EMBA allows you to engage with EMBA classmates and network with more than 1,000 EMBA alumni all over the world.
  • Discover job opportunities: Whether you’re looking for a new position for yourself or have a position to fill, Team EMBA is a great place to begin your search.
  • Selected articles and tools: Once you begin your EMBA program, you’ll have access to a variety of helpful topics, such as how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, how to enhance interactions with executive recruiters and prospective employers, how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn and more. All this is available on learn.WashU, our proprietary digital platform that works as an interactive career toolkit.

Advance your career.

Individual coaching includes exclusive new features like the Weston Career Services Model, an eye-opening, four-phase process that helps you uncover the unique differentiators that define your value in the marketplace.

The Self/Story/Strategy/Journey model guides you from your early career search stages to successfully landing offers in the industries and career paths that spark your passion.

career coach talking to students
The Path to Empowerment

The Path to Empowerment

Everyone has a different path when it comes to their career. We’re here to help you find yours.


Self: Look inward

What motivates you? What careers interest you? What type of company cultures fit your personality?

Through assessments, worksheets, reflection and partnering with your career coach, you’ll come to a clear understanding of what you want, your differentiating skills and what’s important to you in your future career.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, assessment tools and career development events


Story: Get personal

What’s your story? Why are you unique? What do you want to accomplish?

It’s time to create a personal introduction, draft your resume and tap into tools to highlight your unique narrative and skill set. You’ll meet with your career coach to hone your story so you stand out in interviews and when networking.

Key resources

Job search material best practices, templates and workshops, and personalized coaching and feedback on professional written and oral communication, such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, self-introduction pitch and STAR stories


Strategy: Promote yourself

What type of position do you want? What organizations interest you? How can you best position yourself?

You’ll build a career search campaign and develop a list of target companies that fit with your unique personality and skill set. Your focus is on identifying networking opportunities, attending events and working your contacts.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, databases for company and industry research, networking events, tracking tools and time management strategies


Journey: Activate your search

Where have you applied? Have you followed up after interviews? Is that offer right for you?

Your career search campaign is in full swing. You’ve developed a list of target companies and are actively pursuing positions at them. And you’re regularly tapping into your career coach and other WCC staff for support, interview practice and help evaluating offers.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, Olin interview and offer database

You’ll have access to all these Weston Career Center services.

  • Career group coaching: This introductory seminar on career coaching services focuses on branding, networking and leadership.
  • CareerLeader assessment: You’ll have access to CareerLeader, a web-based comprehensive career assessment tool based on more than 20 years of scientific research and used by more than 400 leading business schools and corporations worldwide. It taps into your interests, motivations, and skills and provides insights into your highest potential career and most-desired-employer culture match.
  • Career bootcamp: This worthwhile series covers topics such as having the right mindset, communicating your brand, leveraging social media, networking, effective interview strategies and negotiating the offer.
  • Power Lunch & Learn series: This monthly virtual event features panelists on popular career topics and industry interests. It’s a great way to network with fellow students and alums with similar interests.
  • Olin Veterans Association (OVA): This organization exists to assist veteran students, alumni and accepted students in transitioning successfully into the business world.
  • Lifelong alumni career services: Your Olin degree entitles you to individualized career support from the WCC throughout your professional career—and even a second career or retirement. Read more about alumni career resources