​Leverage Your Specialty Area

You already have a degree in engineering, medicine, law, or information technology, areas that require specialized skills. Add an Executive MBA or nondegree program certificate to your resume and you can leverage your current professional experience.

Olin's Executive MBA program enables you to advance your organization’s vision and values. Start your own practice. Improve patient care or customer satisfaction. Manage costs. And gain credibility with your officers and board of directors. You’re used to solving problems. But the program gives you tools to quantify your decisions, mitigate risks, and measure results.

Expanding your leadership portfolio

The program also expands your leadership repertoire, so you can employ a portfolio of strategies tailored to the specific demands of your internal and external business environments.

Consequently, you become more collaborative in the way you approach management challenges, shifting your focus from individual to team performance.

Nondegree programs build targeted tool sets

Also explore Olin’s seminar and certificate programs for focused knowledge and practice in topics ranging from innovation and strategy to corporate finance or supply chain management. Brookings Executive Education offers programs tailored for those engaged in and with government.

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William Reed | EMBA 36

"I was working in the business side of medicine, so I thought it was appropriate and critical to pursue a graduate business degree."

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