​Certificate in Policy Strategy

​With this curriculum, you can advise your organization on how to craft, or react to, policy changes.

When are policy changes likely, and what might they be? Opportunities for shaping policy appear and disappear quickly. Nimble organizations have an advantage in responding to these changes and even in helping to shape these policies.

The Certificate in Policy Strategy (CPS) will help you understand when windows of opportunity for changing policy are likely to open, as well as which policy changes are likely to be feasible.

The CPS does not have a rigid timeline—start when it is most convenient for you, and finish as budgets allow. The CPS is open to experienced professionals from government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Proof of vaccination is required to attend in-person courses held on the WashU at Brookings campus.
One to two weeks prior to your course, you will receive further instructions on how to provide this documentation.


Six required courses plus two to three electives, totaling four elective course days.

Required Courses include:

Elective Courses include:

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced analytical and political skills that should benefit your career and agency or home organization
  • Interaction with Brookings scholars, analysts, authors and opinion leaders who shape America’s future
  • A unique credential from a world-renowned public policy and research organization
  • Program content matched to a range of career levels and skill sets
  • A flexible timeframe that enables participants to study as their time and budget allow
You must register to participate in the Certificate program. You may receive credit for prior courses attended within a two-year period prior to enrollment. To register or to obtain more information, contact the registrar at registrar@brookings.edu or 800-925-5730.