​Certificate in Public Leadership

​The Certificate in Public Leadership (CPL) is the most flexible of WashU at Brookings certificate programs.

Open to all U.S. federal, state and local government employees, the CPL is recognized as a mark of distinction for today’s public leaders. Not only does the curriculum provide you with the skills and mindset you need to lead in today’s turbulent environment, it offers opportunities to establish important networks to leverage learning across government.

Fifteen class units of credit are required to complete your certificate. You do not have to take courses in a specific order or finish the program within a certain time frame. Class credit also is conferred for any WashU at Brookings course taught at your agency.

Upon completion, you will receive 25% off all future Executive Education courses from WashU at Brookings and Olin providing you with a commitment to lifelong learning for continuous improvement. To receive your discount, e-mail us the course you would like to take to Registrar@Brookings.edu

Olin Business School Executive Education courses focus on skills in leadership, strategic thinking and business execution and are a compliment to the Certificate in Public Leadership. They are offered virtually and in person here.

Once you complete a certificate, you can receive 25% off all future executive education courses (Olin and WashU at Brookings). Email Registrar@Brookings.edu with the course you would like to take.


  • Open to all U.S. federal, state and local government employees
  • 15 total class units (a maximum of five units from policy courses can apply)
  • Ethics in Action: Leading with Integrity class
  • Active class participation


  • Certificate from a highly regarded institution
  • Deeper, broader leadership skills
  • Connections with leaders from across government
  • No deadline for program completion
  • Interactions with Olin Business School faculty, Brookings scholars and other subject-matter experts

Note: You must be enrolled in the CPL to receive course credit for the certificate. You also may apply up to 5 units of class credit from policy courses taken for the CPL program. There is no application or fee to enroll.

Contact registrar@brookings.edu or call 800-925-5730.