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“Competitive benchmarking was the perfect project for CELect. The student team helped us find answers on competitor insights and influential companies in the industry.”

Ronak Sheth

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Product


“Everyone has their own learning style, but learning by doing in a startup environment is the art of who I really am.”

Geoff Stonner

MBA 2014

CELect team member for FoodEssentials

​CEL Entrepreneurial Consulting Team (CELect)

The CEL Entrepreneurial Consulting Team (CELect) delivers impact to the St. Louis start-up community. Through a partnership with the T-Rex Incubator, students work with local entrepreneurs, applying their critical thinking skills to early-stage business challenges in marketing, resource management, and strategy.

During fall 2014 through spring 2015, 42 students worked with 12 entrepreneurial organizations, including Arch Grants, Hatchbuck, Prosper Women Entrepreneurs, and Sparo Labs.

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