​Recruit at WashU Olin Business School

Olin students are trained leaders whose decisions are values based and data driven. They have a global outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit and the proficiency to make difficult decisions—the kind that can make a positive impact on both your culture and your bottom line.

Our career development team works one-on-one with students from the day they enroll at WashU Olin. We know them by name, and we’re well acquainted with their skill sets, leadership styles and career ambitions.

The Olin advantage

WashU Olin is recognized for our world-renowned faculty, scholarly research, partnerships with leading institutions around the globe and our highly qualified candidates in a range of degree programs.

Olin students are grounded in a strong core business curriculum from day one. Experiential learning is embedded in their coursework and amplified in Center for Experiential Learning elective consulting projects. Global perspectives are infused in required 6-week MBA immersion, and 60% of undergraduates do study abroad or international internships.

Our small size creates a personalized culture that aggressively promotes active participation—inside and outside the classroom. As a result, Olin hires arrive at your firm fully equipped to hit the ground running.

“We’re not looking for a specific skill or a specific class that was taken—we’re looking for the full package, and Olin provides that.”
—Joey Blomker, Director Digital Operations, Maryville Consulting

“I find that Olin students can have a conversation about practically anything, so you really get to know them and whether they’d be a good fit for your opportunities.”
—Becky Parson, University Relations Manager, AT&T

Ready to hire? Learn about the recruiting process

Expand your global perspective. Hire an international student.

No matter the size of your organization, the ability to navigate the global marketplace with confidence gives you a distinct advantage. As interns or full-time hires, WashU Olin international students bring firsthand knowledge of global business practices and customs, fluency in multiple languages, cross-cultural skills and a global business perspective with international work experience—not to mention the solid business skills that you find in all our students. WashU Olin is home to many international students from more than 30 countries, all of whom are among the top scholars in their home countries.

How to hire international talent from Olin

International students enrolled at Washington University generally hold an F-1 visa or a J-1 visa and are eligible to work in the United States as summer interns or for one year of employment post-graduation (three years, if graduated from a STEM-designated program) with no additional expense or work on your part. The only requirement from your firm is an offer letter. Additionally, international graduates are eligible for long-term hire at your company. There is no requirement that US citizen applicants be recruited before international applicants.

Check out the Olin employer guide for hiring top international talent (PDF)