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100% Online MBA Curriculum

Obtain the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career with an Online Master of Business Administration.

WashU Olin’s Online MBA program is 100% remote and does not require any residencies. You attend classes year-round for 30 months, taking two to three courses per semester. However, you may take up to five years to complete your degree.

Core MBA principles form the foundation of our online MBA. In addition to accounting, finance, marketing, microeconomics, strategy and operations, you also develop Values Based, Data Driven™ decision-making and business analytics skills.

The core courses—all taken in your first and second years—are viewed through a digitally progressive lens to give you a forward-leaning perspective on business theory and practice. Once the core is complete, you choose from more than 20 electives in nine functional areas of business.

Timing and Structure

  • 30-month program, 54 credits
  • 8 synchronous weeks per 12-week semester
  • 3-credit Digital Impact Project (throughout the program)

Dynamic Learning Format

The program uses prerecorded content mixed with interactive live sessions that focus on discussions, providing flexibility and keeping you connected to your instructors and fellow students. Your time outside of the live sessions will include watching prerecorded lectures, submitting questions and responses to online discussions, reading cases and articles, writing case memos, and working in teams. Online learning specialists in our state-of-the-art Center for Digital Education support our renowned faculty to create dynamic, interactive learning approaches:

  • Live cases use recent examples of companies managing their digital environment and often include a live interview with business executives discussing their organization’s challenges.
  • Sector deep dives are tailored to your interests. You spend two weeks analyzing a subject from the perspective of a few key industries that you choose.
  • Experiential exercises like simulations, role-playing, and peer-to-peer or group work promote collaborative, hands-on learning.

Online MBA Course Sequence (54 total Credits)

Year 1


Semester 1

  • Teamwork and Leading Organizations 3 credits
  • Strategic Decision-Making with Data Analytics 3 credits
  • Digital Impact Project I 1 credit

Semester 2

  • Strategy for Organizations 3 credits
  • Values-Based/Data-Driven Decision-Making 3 credits
  • Communicating in Digital Spaces I 1 credit
Semester 3
  • Economics from the C-Suite Perspective 3 credits
  • Accounting in the Digital Age 3 credits
  • Communicating in Digital Spaces II 1 credit


Year 2


Semester 1

  • Financial Management for Value Creation 3 credits
  • Marketing Strategy and Technology 3 credits
  • Communicating in Digital Spaces III 1 credit

Semester 2

  • Business, Government and Society in a Digital Era 3 credits
  • Managing Operations in the Digital Era 3 credits

Semester 3

  • Elective 3 credits
  • Elective 3 credits




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The academic coursework has been directly transferrable to my day-to-day responsibilities at work.

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Caleb Yarbrough

Online MBA

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The following is a sample listing of elective courses available at WashU Olin.

• Data Analytics for Optimizing Business Decisions

• IT Governance and Control

• Global Economic Forces

• Investment and Financing Decisions in the Digital World

• Leadership and Persuasion through Communications in the Digital Environment

• New Products and Services

• Global Operations Frontiers: Sustainability, Agility and Resilience

• Fast and Furious Innovation

• Field Experiments and A/B Testing in Organizations

Digital Impact Project

A unique component of the Online MBA program is the Digital Impact Project. This future-leaning, ambitious challenge empowers you to use the skills and knowledge base you’re gaining in your courses to formulate a high-potential digital initiative. You choose a focus—your current organization, an emerging technology or practice, an industry segment—and create a project aspiration statement. Each semester, you’ll apply new thinking and lessons learned from your courses, reflecting on your topic and fusing ideas together. This learning journey, designed for students at all levels of digital mastery, culminates in your final two semesters as you refine and finalize your project. At the program’s end, you’ll have codified your learnings into a plan with the potential to make a difference in an organization, a business or society.

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