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Washington University in St Louis Olin Business School

Olin Business SchoolOlin Business School

Industry-Sponsored Projects

We tackle critical technology, information and supply chain issues, working to find innovative solutions to operational and management challenges.

Examples of our research and custom projects include:

Project: "Managing the New Uncertainty" -- Day Definite Ocean Shipments & Their Value in Handling Lead-time Uncertainty (white paper)
Company: APL Logistics
Logistics and supply chain managers are being tasked with managing their companies’ Asia-originated supply chains to be ever more cost-efficient, while ensuring that product deliveries and customer service levels are maintained and improved. Recent product innovations in the ocean transport sector have provided shippers with new options to achieve their cost and service objectives. Read the news release.

Project: Supply Chain Reengineering and Operations Analysis
Company: Anchor Packaging
Description: Anchor is a plastics packaging manufacturer for whom we are executing a performance (current state) analysis on their operations and supply chain processes and product mix. The intention of the analysis is to document the current supply chain processes as well as identify opportunities for supply chain improvements.

Project: Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for a Pharmaceuticals Distribution Company
Company: Covidien
Description: The goal of the project is to rationalize outdated and overly numerous operational metrics. The project team will interview key stakeholders for input on critical business objectives and the corresponding linkage to supply chain metrics. The team will also conduct research on KPIs used by companies with world-class supply chains.

Project: Assessment of Key Supplier Capabilities at Emerson
Company: Emerson
Description: BCTIM and Emerson will be co-sponsoring this research project. The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive framework to record, quantify, and project current and future key supplier capabilities in the Emerson supply chain. This framework will be used for assessment and planning activities by the Emerson supply chain group.

Project: Global Supply Chain Analysis and Industry Trends
Company: Express Scripts Inc.
Description: This research project studies the impact of globalization and a current state analysis on the pharmaceuticals industry. Project involved analysis of representative companies in Big Drug, Generics and Biotech segments of the pharmaceuticals industry as well as distribution and clinical manufacturing organizations.

Project: Supply Chain Assessment Tool
Company: Monsanto
Monsanto is migrating from a system with largely independent functions such as logistics, packaging, and transport to a classic supply chain organization. The developed SCAT gives a snapshot of the current state of the Monsanto supply chain as well as providing a means for Monsanto to benchmark it's existing activities against best practices.

Project: Forecasting and Planning in a Semiconductor Decentralized Supply Chain
Company: Renesas Technology
Renesas is a world-leading manufacturer of semiconductors in Japan. Its distributors often overstate their customer demand, which results in overstock and writing off at the end of product life. We investigate efficient supply chain coordination via an appropriate contractual scheme and planning processes that will incent distributors to provide true demand forecast and lead to increasing the responsiveness of the supply chain, while reducing inventories and obsolescence of products at the end of product life.

Project: Capacity Expansion and Contract Design in a Semiconductor Industry
Company: Renesas Technology
Renesas Technology Corp. needs to make costly capacity investment decisions before the demand is realized in fast-paced and short product-life cycle environments. Within the semiconductor industry, there are foundries that are dedicated to semiconductor manufacturing and hence are of lower production cost than the semiconductor company.

Project: Product Line Complexity Analysis at Solutia
Company: Solutia
Solutia, a world-leading manufacturer, produces the interlayer in laminated glass used in automotive and architectural industries. Its factory in Massachusetts, USA, produces nearly 2,000 products of 17 different product lines. We analyze the product line complexity cost at the operational and planning level. At the operational level, we analyze the complexity cost due to change of product specifications and change of demand, which is addressed through global sensitivity analysis of the detailed production scheduling. At the planning level, we analyze the complexity cost due to change of product demand, inclusion of new products, and addition of new product lines. Our analysis at this level considers all relevant costs in a sequence-dependent lot-sizing model of the firm’s operations.