Center for Analytics and Business Insight

Driving the future of data-driven, values-based decision-making.

The Center for Analytics and Business Insights (CABI) is Washington University’s hub for research, innovation and applied knowledge in the burgeoning field of advanced analytics.

Serving as a conduit between business, academia and the broader community, CABI strives to help leaders better leverage analytics and technology to make a positive and principled difference in organizations, communities and society at large. That vision forms the core of our mission to drive the future of data-driven, values-based decision-making.

By providing cutting-edge strategy, technology training and research, CABI creates a collaborative environment that bridges the gap in analytics talent, skills, knowledge, and resources to solve complex problems. This is delivered through the four cornerstones of CABI’s offering.

  • Member & Community Events enable knowledge and idea sharing while also shaping the next generation of leaders who will solve tomorrow’s analytics challenges.
  • Research Roundtables put strategists at the center of the latest in data-driven decision making, pairing them with the country’s leading experts at the cutting edge of research in the field.
  • Immersion Trainings help data analysts and scientists stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices by providing new insights, services and technology in an optimal learning environment.
  • Experiential Projects provide firms with actionable insights and implementable solutions to problems facing their organizations through student-led, faculty-supported practicum projects.

Contact Information

Program Manager: Katie Cannady, MBA | 314-935-3453