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The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation (BCSCI) at Washington University is a world-class research center in global supply chain management, supply chain finance and risk management, and operational excellence.

Well regarded for its thought leadership in supply chain management, technology-driven innovation and process optimization, the Boeing Center creates and disseminates knowledge on world-class supply chain and operational excellence practices.

Through collaborative work with leading industrial and service firms via corporate partnerships, the Boeing Center helps organizations optimize their global enterprise processes, devise effective risk management approaches, and develop innovative business models and supply chain solutions to better match their supply of products and services with global market needs.

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Mission and Vision

Create and Disseminate Knowledge on World-Class Supply Chain Management and Operational Excellence Practices

Making your enterprise processes and supply chain more agile, flexible and sustainable is what the Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation, an Olin Business School supply chain management research center, is all about. Long-term success and effective execution of firms’ strategies require operational and supply chain excellence. Our center creates and diffuses knowledge and proven practices on how to achieve such long-term operational excellence across all enterprise processes.

Our goal is to help your organization optimize its global enterprise processes, align the incentives of all partners across your chain, and develop sourcing, production, logistics and distribution strategies matching your product and market needs, while continuously looking at technology and market trends that require your chain to change and adapt to new circumstances.

Our center is regarded as a leading supply chain management research and best practices institute. It has achieved this status through prolific knowledge creation via rigorous research on best supply chain practices and effective dissemination of such knowledge and practices to the academic, executive and practitioner communities.

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