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Faculty | Stephen Nowlis | WashU Olin Business School
Stephen Nowlis

August A. Busch Jr. Distinguished Professor of Marketing

Area of Expertise:

Consumer Behavior and Decision Making

Research Interests:

Consumer Behavior, decision making, consumption, survey methodology.

Selected Publications:

  • "When an Hour Feels Shorter: Future Boundary Tasks Alter Consumption by Contracting Time", Journal of Consumer Research, with G. Tonietto, S. Malkoc, 2019
  • "The Effect of Goal Specificity on Consumer Goal Reengagement", Journal of Consumer Research, Issue 3, 444-459, with M. Scott, 2013
  • "The influence of Disorganized Shelf Displays and Limited Product Quantity on Consumer Purchase", Journal of Marketing, with I. Nelson, A. Morales, 2013
  • "The Many Shades of Rose-Colored Glasses: An Evolutionary Approach to the Influence of Different Positive Emotions", Journal of Consumer Research, Issue 2, 238-250, with G. Vladas, M. Shiota, 2010
  • "The Effect of Decision order on Purchase Quantity Decisions", Journal of Marketing Research, 725-737, with R. Dhar, I. Simonson, 2010
  • "Oportunity Cost Neglect", Journal of Consumer Research, Issue 4, 553-561, with F. Shane, N. Novemsky, J. Wang, R. Dhar, 2009
  • "The Effects of Reduced Food Size and Package Size on the Consumption Behavior of Restarined and Unrestrained Eaters", Journal of Consumer Research, 391-405, with M. Scott, N. Mandel, A. Morales, 2008
  • "A Bite to Whet the Reward Appetite: The Influence of Sampling on Reward-Seeking Behaviors", Journal of Marketing Research, 403-413, with M. Wadhwa, B. Shiv, 2008
  • "The Effect of Making a Prediction about the Outcome of a Consumption Experience on the Enjoyment of that Experience", Journal of Consumer Research, with N. Mandel, 2008
  • "Debiasing Insights from Process Tests", Journal of Consumer Research, 131-38, with B. Kahn, M. Luce, 2006

Academic/Professional Activities:

  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Consumer Research
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Marketing Letters
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Journal of Marketing Research


  • 2008 Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence Award, 2008
  • Finalist (Top 4) for 2002 William F. O'Dell Award, 2002
  • 2001 Early Career Contribution Award, Society for Consumer Psychology-Sheth Foundation, Division 23, American Psychological Association, 2001
  • 2001 William F. O'Dell Award, 2001
  • Best Theoretical Paper, INFORMS/Andersen Consulting, 2000

Personal Interests:

Spending time with family and pets, exercising, reading, and traveling
Stephen Nowlis

Dr. Nowlis has published numerous papers in top-tier marketing journals. He is the winner of the William F. O'Dell Award and the Early Career Contribution Award.

Stephen Nowlis' Curriculum Vitae
Phone: (314) 935-5113

PhD 1994, Haas School of Business
MBA 1990, Haas School of Business
BA 1986, Stanford University