Prepare to lead in the field of your dreams with a master’s degree from WashU Olin.

Offered both on campus and online, these specialized degrees are designed to help you acquire the skills you need to stand out in an increasingly competitive and borderless job market. In addition, like all students at Olin, you become fluent in the Values Based, Data Driven™ philosophy that makes our business school so unique.

Our Programs

Master of Accounting

STEM-designated. Focus on financial statement expertise using business analytics and communication skills. Career paths include public accounting, corporate accounting and consulting.

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MS in Business Analytics

STEM-designated. Focus on digital information expertise as big data moves to the forefront of the boardroom. Tracks for customer, financial technology, healthcare, accounting, talent and supply chain. Careers include data analytics, market strategy, technology consulting and data science.

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Online MS in Business Analytics

Amplify your data analysis abilities in the fast-growing field of analytics with WashU Olin's online master's degree.

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Online MS in Finance

Further your finance career with a program created specifically for working professionals.

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MS in Corporate Finance and Investments

Focus on expertise in investment research and corporate finance. Career paths include financial analysis, equity research, derivative bonds research and corporate finance.

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MS in Quantitative Finance

STEM-designated. Focus on mathematical tools and strategic business decision-making. Career paths include risk management, credit risk management, asset allocation, asset pricing, fixed income research and derivative research.

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MS in Wealth & Asset Management

STEM-designated. Focus on business expertise of financial planning and investment management. Career paths include private wealth management, asset management, hedge fund management and financial advising.

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MS in Supply Chain Management

STEM-designated. Focus on exceptional management expertise of business processes. Career paths include supply chain management, business technology consulting and operations management.

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On-Campus Specialized Master's Admissions

Find out about the application process to apply to our specialized master’s programs.

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Online Specialized Master's Admissions

Learn about the application process for Olin’s online master of science programs in analytics and finance.

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What Is a Specialized Master’s Degree?

Our Specialized Master’s programs offer a rigorous curriculum designed for maximum success.

As a master’s degree student at WashU Olin, you gain deep, specific expertise in some of today’s most in-demand fields of business—accounting, analytics, finance and supply chain management. Compared to a broader MBA curriculum, specialized master's programs (SMP) allow you to rapidly develop your skills in your chosen area of focus. Use the following link for a one-page PDF that compares Olin’s options.

SMP comparison matrix

Specialized Master’s by the Numbers


STEM designated

5 of our 7 master’s degrees


34 students

average class size



Olin alumni


open to all majors

business background not required


23 years old

average student age


12 to 18 months

program length