Why Olin

What makes Olin unique?

It starts with our Values Based, Data Driven™ ethos—followed by our emphasis on providing a global perspective and cultural understanding, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit instilled in all students, and creating an unwavering commitment to curiosity and collaboration.

What Makes Olin Special

Our Philosophy

Individually, values based and data driven are important qualities of a great leader. Together, they are transformative. To meet the challenges of an ever-evolving world, we emphasize the interconnectedness of rigorous decision-making criteria and a steadfast commitment to personal and societal values. We develop leaders with the courage to make really hard decisions and see them through.

Our History

We’ve been at this for over a century, but we’re hardly stuck in our ways. Over the course of a hundred years and counting, we’ve constantly evolved and grown to meet the needs of everyone in the Olin community, the business world and society.

Our Outcomes

Our students’ successes speak for themselves. Learn more about who our students are and what they go on to do.

Our Location

St. Louis offers the best of all worlds. It’s a major American city that’s also a friendly Midwestern town. It’s diverse and global. It’s a center of industry, with a low cost of living and a comfortable pace of life.

Our Pillars of Excellence

We have four pillars of excellence that guide our academic experience and make Olin graduates better leaders. Our pillars are Values Based, Data Driven™, global outlook, experiential and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Values Based, Data Driven™

    Today’s best business leaders don’t make decisions based solely on numbers. Nor do they rely on values alone. They understand the two are interdependent—collecting data and information while reflecting on values and impact to make better decisions. Only this path enables us to weigh progress against the intangible measures of success: health, happiness and the greater good.

    Learn more about our philosophy.

  • Global Outlook

    All of our students develop global competency. We believe familiarity and practice with key global issues prepares you to make better decisions and compete in an increasingly borderless world. We also build our curriculum around key global priorities. This way, as a WashU Olin grad, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to solve business challenges, no matter where in the world your career takes you.

    Explore our global programs.

  • Experiential

    Much knowledge is acquired in a lecture hall or library, but it’s equally important for students to roll up their sleeves and gain real-world experience. Throughout your Olin education, we assign you experiential learning projects, expose you to senior leadership and involve you in high-profile decision-making. Whether you’re interacting with a St. Louis-based startup or a major corporation in Singapore, your real-world learning will help you gain the perspective and confidence that only come from experience.

    Discover our Center for Experiential Learning.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Developing an entrepreneurial spirit is a vital part of your experience at WashU Olin. And we’re just the right place to push you innovatively. In fact, in 2024 we were named Poets & Quants’ best MBA program for entrepreneurs for the fifth year in a row. Only through future-oriented, innovative thinking will we solve today’s complex business challenges. The best way to hone that innovation is by developing a fearless entrepreneurial mindset.

    Learn about our entrepreneurial initiatives.