Earn a Dual Degree

Deepen your expertise by pursuing multiple degrees at once, whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student.

Our dual degree programs give you the chance to expand your academic experience and follow more than one passion. These programs are designed to get you across the finish line faster so you can jump-start your future.

Undergraduate Opportunities

A BS in Business Administration from WashU Olin is just the beginning. Customize your college education by adding a second degree. Earn an MBA or a specialized master’s degree from the business school. You can apply for admission to these programs during your junior year:

Olin’s selective, early admission 3+2 program enables you to earn your BSBA and MBA in five years, instead of six. Learn more about our Full-Time MBA program.

Torn between business and a technical course of study? An alternative to the BSBA, the BS in Business and Computer Science (BUCS ) is an eight-semester, freshman-entry degree program. Learn about our BUCS program with McKelvey Engineering.

Full-Time MBA Opportunities

Earn Your MBA and a Specialized Master’s Degree

Become fluent in the fundamentals of business while also drilling down to a specific area of industry. By adding a second business master’s degree to your graduate plan, you go even further toward expert status and set yourself above and apart from your competition. You’ll complete the first summer semester with your MBA classmates. You’ll take classes for both degrees concurrently—some courses will apply to both degrees.

Read about our Specialized Master’s programs.

Pair Your MBA with a Degree from Another WashU School

Earn a second master’s degree in law, social work, engineering or another discipline while you work toward your MBA. Students often combine business with another passion, completing some semesters at Olin and some at the other WashU School. These dual degree programs require a separate application to each of the schools.