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Faculty | Anthony Sardella | WashU Olin Business School
Anthony Sardella

Adjunct Lecturer

Area of Expertise:

Business/Corporate Strategy, Management Strategy, Innovation and Growth, Business/Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Growth, Management Strategy

Research Interests:

Behavioral Decision Making, Crisis Management, Reputation Management, Non-Market Strategy, Perception, Reputation and Risk Analyses, Measurement of Marketing and Communication landscape through consumer-generated media

Academic/Professional Activities:

  • Member, Biotechnology Industry Association
  • Member, CEFIC
  • Member, IEEE
  • Board Member, Innovation & Growth Institute Olin Business School
  • Member, Kellogg Alumni Club of St. Louis
  • Member, Kellogg Executive Education
  • Member, Kellogg Technology Marketers
  • Member, Marketing Science Institute
  • Member, Pharmaceutical Education Research Institute
  • Member, Social Media Research, Analysis and Insights
  • Member, Social Risk Analysis
  • Member, The Chemical Specialty Manufacturers Association
  • Member, The European Chemical Industry Council
  • Member, Zell Center for Risk Research, Kellogg School of Management


  • Smithsonian Institute Innovation Network Laureate
  • Who's Who in America

Anthony  Sardella

Mr. Sardella is a recognized leader in the field of managing businesses to overcome reputation management challenges. He is a frequent speaker and consultant to corporations facing reputation issues and wanting to develop a marketing program, reputation management strategy, or strategic communications plan within a high concern, low trust environment. Mr. Sardella has contributed in the development of various business case studies at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, focusing on the successful commercialization and branding strategies for novel technologies and their relationship to marketing and advertising strategy, organizational structure and business development strategies. In addition, he has authored and co-authored over 25 papers in the field of human health risk assessment prepared on behalf of government, and non-governmental scientific bodies.

Anthony Sardella's Home Page
Phone: (314) 935-8551

BS , University of Toronto
MBA , Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management