​Center for Research in Economics and Strategy

The Center advances understanding of firms and markets by supporting scientific research employing state-of-the-art analytical and/or empirical methods to address substantive questions in economics and strategy

Intended for publication in top-tier academic journals, Center-sponsored research addresses substantive questions in areas including industrial organization, business strategy, game theory, and applications such as organization and incentive design, pricing, and industry evolution. Research at the interface of economics and strategy is of particular interest, but economics-based research in any area is welcome.

The Center supports:

  1. Seminar series in which both internal and external research is presented.
  2. Short-term visitors' programs in which researchers from other domestic or international institutions spend short periods (e.g., one week) at Olin.
  3. Conferences.
  4. Research assistance, including PhD student funding, or data collection beyond what would normally be funded by faculty research resources.
  5. Interaction between the faculty and MBA/BSBA students by, for example, naming top-performing students CRES Fellows and supporting, assisting, or in some way helping participate in faculty research projects.
  6. Dissemination of research through a Center website.

Points 1 to 6 are not an exhaustive list. Innovative ways to promote high-quality research are encouraged. The Center specifically encourages groups of faculty to develop theme-based projects spanning one or two years and encompassing elements of 1 to 6. For example, a group of faculty could explore a topic from several angles or several related topics, invite a collection of seminar speakers currently working on these topics, host several short-term visitors, and conclude with a conference. These activities would be intended to support the faculty authoring a number of high-quality research papers.

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CRES Strategy Seminar, Florian Ederer, Yale, School of Management: Killer Aquisitions

Bauer Hall 550, 1 Brookings Drive, Washington University, Saint Louis, MO 63130, United States
1:30 PM

CRES Strategy Seminar, Danielle Li, MIT Sloan School - Developing Novel Drugs

Bauer Hall 550, 1 Brookings Drive, Washington University, Saint Louis, MO 63130, United States
1:30 PM

CRES Applied Economics Seminar, Glenn Ellison, MIT

Simon Hall: Room 241
4:00 PM