Business Research Series

​Business Research Series events bring together businesspeople and researchers, allowing Olin experts to present their groundbreaking projects and innovations to the business community.

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Previous Presentations

Watch video May 18, 2021 | Olin Award Presentation to Anne Marie Knott | RQ Innovative Efficiency and Firm Value forthcoming in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Watch video March 3, 2021 | Business Research Series, People and Purpose: How to Create a Purpose-driven Organization Presented by Anjan V. Thakor

Watch video November 10, 2020 | Business Research Series | An Innovation Theory of Headquarters Value in Multibusiness Firms with Anne Marie Knott
Read about the research.

Watch video September 18, 2020 | Business Research Series | Can non-tiered loyalty programs be profitable? with Raphael Thomadssen. Coauthored with Arun Gopalakrishnan, Zhenling Jiang and Yulia Nevskaya.

Watch video November 19, 2019: Business Research Series | The Passive Effect on Activism with Todd Gormley. Read the summary

Watch video May 22, 2019: Olin Award | Taking Assortment Optimization from Theory to Practice: Evidence from Large Field Experiments on Alibaba with Jake Feldman and Dennis Zhang. Read the paper.

Watch video February 25, 2019: Olin Business Research Series | The Downside of Looking Up with Professors Xiumin Martin and Guofu Zhou

Watch video November 8, 2018: Business Research Series | How good are entrepreneurs at cutting their losses? with Daniel W. Elfenbein and Anne Marie Knott

Watch video June 19, 2018: Business Research Series | Big Data Insights into Changes in the Minimum Wage (Hamilton & Gopalan)

Watch video May 8, 2018: Olin Award | An Analytics Framework for Managing Risk on the Farm—and Beyond presented by Lingxiu Dong and Durai Sundaramoorthi

Watch video January 11, 2018: The Three-legged Stool of Optimal Performance presented by Mahendra Gupta

Watch video November 9, 2017: New Evidence in Intermediary Asset Pricing presented by Asaf Manela

Watch video September 12, 2017: Doing Well by Making Well: Your Corporate Wellness Programs Can Improve Employee Productivity presented by Lamar Pierce

Watch video June 27, 2017: Whose Idea Is It Anyway? How Lead Entrepreneurs Foster Collective Ownership in Provisional Founding Teams presented by Marcus Baer and Andrew Knight

Watch video April 27, 2017: A Cross-Cohort Changepoint Model for Customer-Base Analysis presented by Arun Gopalakrishnan

Watch video November 11, 2016: Will Mandatory Health Benefits Make Companies Sick? presented by Ulya Tsolmon