​A World of Opportunity

We believe developing a global perspective is critical to your future success.

More than 60 percent of our undergraduates study or intern in a foreign country, choosing from more than 20 programs. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your personal growth and prepare for leadership in a complex global marketplace.

By studying abroad, you’re able to explore a new academic and cultural environment, think from a global perspective, and develop cross-cultural skills that employers prioritize when evaluating résumés. On a personal note, you’re likely to have the time of your life and meet incredible people who will become lifelong friends.

Olin offers a variety of study abroad programs that vary in content, structure, and duration. Some students choose to participate in more than one.

Our Global Programs staff will help you determine which program best fits your academic and personal goals. Whichever experience you choose, it won’t affect your ability to finish your degree requirements in four years. Financial aid awards and academic scholarships can be applied to tuition for semester study abroad and immersion experiences in foreign countries and in the United States.

Global Programs coordinators and Peer Ambassadors are available to discuss program opportunities in greater detail. Visit the BSBA Global Campus Groups site for detailed information on our programs.