​MACC Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-Time Master of Accounting Program Costs
(Academic Year 2021-22)

The estimated tuition and fees for the entire program are as follows:

Tuition — $83,980
SMP Program Fees — $1,500 (estimated at $500 per semester)
Health & Wellness Fee — $807* (estimated at $269 per semester)
Student Government Fee — $300* (estimated at $100 per semester)

*Health & Wellness and Student Government Fees are subject to increase over the course of the program.

Health Insurance Requirement

Washington University has a health insurance requirement for all full-time, degree-seeking students. Under this requirement, students must either purchase the Washington University Student Health Insurance Plan or prove they have adequate coverage through another plan. If you do not demonstrate that you have adequate coverage from another plan, you will be automatically enrolled in the Washington University Student plan and billed accordingly. The cost of the Washington University Health Insurance Plan will be published once the rates are finalized. For planning purposes, the historical cost for a 12-month student policy has been around $2,000. Additional information can be found at the Student Health Services website.

Funding Your Degree

Students are encouraged to take a proactive role in planning for their financial success while pursuing their degree. Opportunities include but are not limited to:

Although many financial service resources are available online, we know there is no substitute for a personal conversation—whether it be for be for a quick question or a more detailed discussion. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at 314-935-7301.

Scholarships & Awards

All candidates admitted to Olin are automatically considered for our limited merit-based scholarship and award opportunities — a separate application is not required. Our Admissions Committee will review your application to determine eligibility and notify you at the time of admission.

WashU First

Washington University undergraduate students are also eligible for scholarships under the Wash U first Scholarship Program. Contact for more details or to answer any questions.