Defining Moments: Lessons in leadership and character

  • January 25, 2017
  • By Marcianne Gagliardi
  • 2 minute read

We are grateful to George Bauer, an emeritus trustee and alumnus of the university, and his wife, Carol Bauer’s generous gift to endow $5 million to establish the Bauer Leadership Center at Olin Business School in May 2016.

The George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center will help accelerate the university’s efforts to develop exceptional leaders. A defining characteristic of the new center will be its emphasis on cultivating leaders who measure success both in what they achieve for their organizations and how they impact their communities and society through the values that they demonstrate.

The center’s mission is Creating knowledge about best practices in values-centered leadership, educating and inspiring the next generation of values-centered leaders, and transforming how businesses think about and practice leadership.

The center believes one of the most effective ways to educate and inspire students about values-centered leadership is for students to hear directly from leaders who exemplify both business excellence and personal character.

With this new center, we would like to find ways for young leaders to cultivate their own value systems and hopefully embrace them as they make decisions for their institutions as well as in their personal lives.

—George Bauer

Through the course “Defining Moments: Lessons in Leadership and Character from the Top,” the center invites exemplary leaders to talk about their leadership journey, the role that personal values and character plays in their career, and the key choice points that shaped the trajectory of their character and their career. Students are encouraged to develop a plan for how they will balance leadership impact with personal integrity throughout their careers.

Defining Moments speakers for 2017:

  • Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO, Barry-Wehmiller
  • Maxine Clark, Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and CEO, Clark-Fox Family Foundation
  • Orvin Kimbrough, President and CEO, United Way of Greater St. Louis
  • Mike Matheny, Manager, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Sue McCollum, Chairman and CEO, Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors
  • John Stroup, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Belden
  • Diane Sullivan, CEO, President, and Chairman, Caleres

About the Author

Marcianne Gagliardi

Marcianne Gagliardi

Marcianne Gagliardi is the program manager for the newly-launched Bauer Leadership Center in Olin Business School at Washington University, where she has been helping to move things forward since the beginning of September. Many of you know Marcianne from her excellent work at the Wells Fargo Center for Finance and Accounting Research (WFA-CFAR). She has extensive experience in business development and relationship management, including her work as a successful financial advisor at Edward Jones. She was also a quartermaster in the Navy, so she knows how to run a tight ship. Marcianne has a real passion for our values-centered mission.

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