CELect students team with TopOPPS on competitive market analysis

  • December 10, 2018
  • By Guest Blogger
  • 2 minute read

St. Louis-based TopOPPS uses artificial intelligence software to enable clients to increase accuracy and efficiency in sales forecasting and sales pipeline management.

Sales teams using TopOPPS-integrated technology can more precisely target their efforts, resulting in more sales wins and faster sales cycles.

Guest post on behalf of CELect by Tyler King, MBA 2019; Tim Parrington, JD 2019; Samantha Sansone, BSBA 2021; and Wolf Smith, JD 2019. The students in the CELect Entrepreneurship Course, held at the T-REX startup accelerator, are sharing their team projects.

Since its founding, TopOPPS has been working with sales organizations to demystify the notoriously unpredictable arena of sales forecasting and help sales teams execute sales periods with more confidence and accuracy. TopOpps engaged WashU’s CELect program to better quantify its success and move forward in the young market space.

As a part of the 2018 fall CELect class, our team is analyzing TopOPPS’ client data to provide specific quantifiable evidence highlighting the increased efficiencies of using the artificial intelligence in sales forecasting and pipeline management.

Our team’s approach analyzes client data from companies in different industries and incorporates a larger market analysis of artificial intelligence sales forecasting software. TopOPPS can then use the analysis to create evidence-based marketing materials of the product’s success and the value proposition for clients.

This CELect project has been a challenging but rewarding experience for each member of the team. Through this unique hands-on project, we have gained valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities inherent in launching a novel startup company into a young marketplace.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from the experienced executives at TopOPPS. Furthermore, we are grateful to the CELect program and WashU for giving us the opportunity to engage with the fascinating world of startups in the area, and for allowing us to give back to the St. Louis community.

Pictured above, from left: Tim Parrington, Samantha Sansone, Wolf Smith, and Tyler King.

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