Olin alum Adam Greenberg brings a fresh take to the adult diaper industry

  • April 10, 2020
  • By Isabelle Roig
  • 2 minute read

When Adam Greenberg began research on the business of baby diaper delivery service in 2002, he encountered a staggering deficit in quality resources for adults managing incontinence.

This is how Greenberg, an Olin ‘94 BSBA graduate, conceived NorthShore Care Supply: a company dedicated to providing high-quality adult diapers to millions of Americans struggling with incontinence and the stigmas surrounding it. Eighteen years later, Greenberg has transformed NorthShore from a small internet retailer into a flourishing direct-to-consumer brand with consistent five-star customer ratings.

 There is an increasing need to educate medical professionals and patients alike on incontinence care, as it usually is a symptom of another health condition requiring more attention. Still, the stigmas surrounding incontinence prevent many people from resolving their problems with it; in fact, the average person will wait nine years before seeking medical help. “There’s no reason our society adds additional stress on patients due to this lack of control that’s not their fault,” Greenberg says. 

He and his team share a passion to #EndHealthStigma by filling in the communication gaps delaying proper care for the 80 million Americans managing incontinence. They also frequently donate resources to communities struggling with incontinence, such as patients with Alzheimer’s, autism, MS, and cerebral palsy.

 Greenberg recalls how relevant his WashU Olin education remains, twenty-five years after his graduation, as he operates NorthShore. The dynamic array of coursework WashU Olin requires helped him form long-term relationships with factories in North America, Europe, and Asia, and shaped the philosophy and morale of NorthShore’s comprehensive business model. Recently, their strategy has shifted to focus on the heavy incontinence market, an area where most retailers avoid due to the need for bulkier, more expensive materials. Yet, because the demand is prominent for high-quality versions of this product, Greenberg’s decision to concentrate on this niche need has been imperative to sustaining NorthShore as a major player in its market. 

“Without proper data measurement and analysis, it’s very easy to lose focus on customer behavior and process efficiency. I expect we will continue to make large investments in data and analytics, which are critical to success in a hyper-competitive global marketplace. It is these values and experiences which have supported not only Greenberg’s success as a CEO but the millions of people that NorthShore cares for nationwide. “

We’re helping so many people regain their dignity every day, it’s very rewarding and humbling.  

Adam Greenberg

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Isabelle Roig

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