Brock Mullen, BSBA 2023, wrote this for the Olin Blog. He is majoring in finance and Chinese.

Confronting change

On my first day at WashU, my dorm went through a roll call to make sure everyone had moved in. While waiting to be called, I realized I had never heard almost any of the names being called out: “Ezinne,” “Ishana,” “Hans,” “Karinne.” These were nothing like the names from back home; I was used to the five Jakes and seven Graces I had grown up with since preschool. I later recognized I had been presented with the first major change of my college experience, and I knew there would be a lot more heading my way.

My hometown of Parker, Colorado, is quite different from WashU. Parker is virtually homogenous racially, politically and economically. I got used to being around people just like me, so it was uncomfortable to be around so much newness. In my initial shock, I wasn’t sure how to address the variety of novel perspectives now presenting themselves as names, ideologies and more. I knew that this change was happening whether I wanted it to or not. I needed to learn how to cope.

Coping with change

I spent a lot of time reflecting on my new experiences. Soon after processing the new faces, ideas and perspectives, I came to realize that college is about more than learning from lectures and textbooks. It’s about learning how to handle change.

Life is not predictable. So, in order to take full advantage of my life and time at WashU, I needed to master the skill that is processing and internalizing change.  

Brock Mullen

To grasp change and make it easier to handle, I always look for the positive in every situation. There is always something good to cling to! Through my optimism, I enhance my ability to accept change. Focusing on the benefits, especially when facing inevitably uncomfortable situations, will allow you to overcome them and seize the opportunity to learn.

Chasing change

Since learning how to embrace change, I have been the recipient of seemingly endless benefits. Still, it’s not easy to immediately absorb and accept the changes thrust upon my day-to-day. It is through consistent reflection that I continue to learn so much about other cultures, people, and lifestyles different from mine back in Parker. By seeking out opportunities to engage with change, I am a more well-rounded person and better prepared to tackle the future challenges of my life.