The Bauer Leadership Center celebrated its fifth anniversary this year. It has been five years since George and Carol Bauer’s generous and visionary gift made possible the launch of a new Olin center dedicated to advancing the science and practice of values-based leadership.

We have come a long way in those five years, and many of the aspirations we had when we launched are now a reality. We aspired to sponsor courses and programs that would help students learn the value and master the skills of values-based leadership. Through courses like Leadership in the Trenches, Defining Moments, Values-Based/Data-Driven Leadership Development, Women in Leadership and the Bauer Fellows Program, that aspiration is being realized. We aspired to develop our own approach to developing leaders, an approach grounded in the science of leadership development and the distinct values of the Bauer Center and Olin Business School.

Through the Bauer competency model, assessment framework and network of certified coaches, that vision has now taken shape. And we aspired to promote cutting-edge research on values-based leadership that would change the dialogue in academic and practitioner circles. Through research partnerships, global academic conferences and targeted research funding, those aspirations are also being realized.

This report summarizes some of our recent efforts. I invite you to learn more about what we are doing and to get involved in our programs, symposia, courses and conferences. And please reach out with questions or ideas for collaboration or just to make a connection.

On May 3, the Bauer Day of Impact brought together family and friends to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Bauer Leadership Center and a personal milestone for George Bauer (pictured at top): his 90th birthday.