‘Real Humans of MBA Students’ focuses on Olin

  • January 12, 2022
  • By Jill Young Miller
  • 2 minute read

Five Olin students are featured in “Real Humans of MBA Students: Washington University Olin MBA Class of 2023” on the Clear Admit website.

They are Brendan Barry, Allison Wise, Adesola John-Ladega, Maria Alejandra Espitia and Ishmael Kodjoe.

Barry, of St. Louis, served six years in the U.S. Marines before he joined Olin. “I think my experience in the military brings a lot of value to my class. I led a lot of teams and had exposure to high-stress situations,” he told Clear Admit. “I learned to develop a sense of calmness that I think most of my classmates appreciate, especially during group projects.”

Wise, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, previously worked in the aviation industry. “I worked on the military side of the company,” she said. When COVID hit, “we didn’t get as affected as the commercial side, but I saw an entire business change before my eyes in a matter of months. It really frightened me for a while, but it taught me how to be lean, resilient, and how to take the punches as they come.”

John-Ladega, of Lagos, Nigeria, came to Olin because “I was looking to get more international experience, particularly in investment banking. In 2020, as the pandemic struck, I had the opportunity to reflect on my professional journey as I left the physical workspace to a remote environment. I decided to move my career to the global stage just about the time when various economies of the world were opening up and the campaign for diversity and inclusion became much more prominent.”

Espitia, of Monteria, Colombia, sought “a close-knit community to develop strong relationships with classmates and professors while having a more personalized education, and Olin met the criteria. Its class size has allowed me to create personal connections with all my classmates and professors, which have enriched my knowledge and perspective.”  

Kodjoe, of Accra, Ghana, told Clear Admit: “The small class size at Olin is excellent for building lasting relationships with colleagues. The focus on global business education exposes you to the dynamics of international business. Factors that figured prominently–class size, financial aid and faculty.”

Learn more about these students, why they chose Olin and what they learned through admissions.

Top row, from left: Maria Alejandra Espitia, Adesola John-Ladega, Ishmael Kodjoe. Bottom row: Allison Wise, Brendan Barry.

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Jill Young Miller

Jill Young Miller

As research translator for WashU Olin Business School, my job is to highlight professors’ research by “translating” their work into stories. Before coming to Olin, I was a communications specialist at WashU’s Brown School. My background is mostly in newspapers including as a journalist for Missouri Lawyers Media, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post and the Sun-Sentinel in South Florida.

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