Marketing Science Institute identifies Sydney Scott as a promising young scholar

  • October 6, 2023
  • By Jill Young Miller
  • 1 minute read

The Marketing Science Institute has named Sydney E. Scott, Olin assistant professor of marketing, a Young Scholar.

Every two years, a committee selects a class. This year, 33 early career researchers were chosen.

MSI’s Young Scholars program brings together a small number of promising scholars in marketing and closely related fields “whose work suggests they are potential leaders of the ‘next generation’ of marketing academics,” according to MSI’s website.

The scholars will convene January 2-5, 2024, near Snowbird,Utah. The meeting is for them to explore research opportunities and to encourage research collaborations.

Scott studies consumer psychology, which is how consumers think and make decisions. Much of her research focuses on topics relevant to marketing practitioners and the Marketing Science Institute.

“I examine when and why consumers want ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products, and, on the flip side, how consumers think about unnatural technological innovations like genetic engineering,” said Scott, who joined Olin’s faculty in September 2017. Her research helps to predict and explain how marketers and policymakers can communicate with consumers about health, nature and technology.

“I am very flattered to receive this recognition,” she said.

“I feel tremendously grateful and fortunate to have a career where I get to research interesting topics every day. I consider myself especially lucky to be in Olin’s supportive research environment, which includes colleagues who are generous with their time and feedback, talented and enthusiastic students, and an administration who is very supportive of our research.” 

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