MBA student spotlight: Newlyweds Watunyu Suthacheewa and Voranun Taweerutchana

  • December 15, 2023
  • By WashU Olin Business School
  • 2 minute read

Watunyu “Boat” Suthacheewa and Voranun Taweerutchana of Bangkok, Thailand, share their journey to Olin as MBA students:

We are Boat and Voranun from Bangkok, Thailand. Our journey began as classmates in an industrial engineering program. Through the years, our paths entangled both professionally and personally. We’ve worked together, faced challenges, celebrated successes, and now we’re taking on the MBA program at Olin. We cherish this experience because it’s a shared dream that we are thrilled to be living side by side and eventually combine our strengths to start our own business in the future!

In our free time, we are quite the adventurers. Theme parks are a special favorite, offering us thrills and excitement. We also have a soft spot for trailing, where we find peace, joy, and a space to reconnect with nature. Amidst these activities, we find time to discuss our lives and share thoughts, ideas, and dreams, continually strengthening our bond and understanding of each other.

Although Boat and Voranun joined Olin as a team of two, they each have a unique history and mission.


Hello, I’m Boat (Watunyu) from Bangkok. With a background in industrial engineering, I’ve experienced working in various roles, ranging from small startups to major tech companies, focusing mainly on program management and operations. Now, at Olin, I’m channeling my energies toward consulting and finance, eager to add more tools to my professional toolbox!

Despite my acrophobia, I conquered the heights of 10 theme parks at Disney World, Sea World, Six Flags, and Universal last summer, and the adventure continues!


Hi, I’m Voranun, also from Bangkok. My journey began with a degree in engineering, where I navigated through challenges in a predominantly male field. I found support in friends and Boat, who is now my husband. Here at Olin, my focus is on marketing and entrepreneurship. My aim? To gather knowledge to benefit my family’s business and the dream venture I envision with Boat.

One of my motivations for joining Olin was its top-notch entrepreneurship program. It’s been an enriching experience so far, and I’m excited about what’s next.

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