Olin's Graduate Business Student Association announces 2024 leadership

  • February 9, 2024
  • By WashU Olin Business School
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The votes are in! Meet the new Graduate Business Student Association officers and board of directors for 2024.

Find out who had a pet eagle, who dabbled in the food industry and who is an engineer. Did someone name their child after the Ferrari founder? And who was a math tutor and a veteran? These are updates on the officers and board members as submitted by each member (all MBA 2025).

Yabsira Ayele, GBSA president

Hi everyone. My name is Yabsira and some fun facts about me are that I love growth and tackling my fears. In the past, I have bungee jumped off a bridge, jumped out of a plane (with a parachute) and swam with sharks in the free water. I am excited to be your GBSA president and look forward to building a strong community here at Olin.

Neel Parasanalli, vice president of diversity and inclusion

Greetings, everyone. I’m Neel, representing Bengaluru, India. Thrilled for the upcoming semester and eager to contribute to diverse DEI initiatives! Bringing a wealth of experience in corporate strategy and a finance background, I add a dynamic touch to the mix. Here’s a quirky tidbit about me: I once had a pet eagle! Looking forward to a year filled with learning, innovation, and meaningful connections.

Nandini Neelayyagari, vice president of finance

Hey! I am Nandini Neelayyagari, a chartered accountant (equivalent to CPA in the US) and your go-to nerd for accounting/finance problems. I am from Hyderabad, India, the place of biryani, and I spent the last decade at Deloitte tackling accounting/tax issues for multiple companies.

On campus, you will see me doing any one or both of my favorite activities, talking to people and/or drinking coffee. In my view, the toughest of the challenges can be tackled with a grin and a cup of coffee. My hobbies include reading, writing, yoga, and attempting to keep up with the Gen Z world (have a long way to go here).

Look forward to serving the GBSA as the VP-finance for the next year and connecting with you all to embark on a fun-filled journey together.

Adarsh Tandi, vice president of international student relations

Hello everyone, I hail from Dharwad, India, which is famous for its sweet delicacies, but I promise I’m not as sweet—I’m more of a spicy mix of engineering and sales. I started in mechanical engineering, but it turns out the only thing I was engineering was a career pivot into sales/business development.

I’ve worked with B2B and B2C clients, and I’ve sold products to over 120 countries—yes, I’ve been counting. Along the way, I’ve helped companies hit the jackpot with $1 million in monthly revenue, feeling a bit like a business wizard, minus the wand and the fancy hat. In my last gig, I wore a consulting hat, setting up sales operations. It’s like being a backstage magician, except the rabbits and hats are replaced with spreadsheets and sales strategies.

On the side, I’ve dabbled in the food industry with a cloud kitchen serving meals to COVID patients—because who says superheroes can’t cook? When I’m not conquering the world of business or cooking up a storm, you’ll find me unwinding with cricket and snooker. They’re my way of hitting sixes and potting balls to keep my mind sharp. Finally, like most of you, I have come to B-school to pivot into consulting. So that’s me, a mechanical engineer turned sales maestro, part-time chef, a sports enthusiast, and aspiring to be a great consultant.

Additional Officers

  • Arpit Arya, vice president of social programs
  • Phaedra Stanley, vice president of clubs and engagement
  • Meeghan Sheppard, vice president of academic and professional development

Board Members

Carlos Morantes

Carlos Morantes

My name is Carlos Morantes. I am an American Venezuelan having attended undergraduate studies in St Louis. I have six years of experience in corporate finance settings including FP&A, Accounting, Controlling and as a Chief of Staff. I have lived and worked previously in St Louis, Dallas, and Los Angeles. I am married to my wife Hope, a Missouri native, and we have a two-year-old son named Enzo.

Fun facts: Tennis is my favorite sport, and I am a Roger Federer fan. My son Enzo is named after Scuderia Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari (our favorite Formula 1 team). My sister and I are Irish twins (born on the same day but one year apart). My immediate family (mom-dad and sister) all live in different countries (US, Mexico, and Argentina). My wife and my sister-in-law also attended WashU.

Chris Pitts

Chris Pitts

Fun facts: Favorite food, Caribbean (especially spicy beef patties and curried potatoes); favorite basketball team, Toronto Raptors; college side hustle, math tutor.

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

I am a native St. Louisan, Marine veteran, husband, and father. I am excited to serve Olin on the GBSA and represent other parents and veterans. Despite my advanced age and mellow social calendar, I look forward to enhancing my distinguished colleagues’ Olin experience. I aim to support Olin and bolster an already excellent learning experience.

Pictured at top row: Ayele, Parasanalli, Neelayyagari, Tandi. Bottom row: Arya, Stanley, Sheppard.

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