5 things to do before starting a Full-Time MBA program at Olin

  • April 19, 2024
  • By WashU Olin Business School
  • 2 minute read

MBA preparation is essential, and certain steps can set a student up for future success at Olin Business School.

There are several things to do before starting an MBA. Listed below are five tips that will help Olin students prepare for a full-time MBA experience.

How can incoming Olin students prepare for the full-time MBA program?

Read emails

While this may not seem like groundbreaking advice, students who read their emails are notably better equipped to stay ahead in their MBA coursework. A student's email address is the primary channel through which all relevant information will be communicated to them before and during their MBA program. Developing the habit of frequently checking their email from an early stage will pave the way for success—ensuring they don't miss important details and deadlines related to their MBA coursework.

Connect with an academic advisor  

Starting an MBA can be stressful, but academic advisors are a vital resource for questions, concerns, and class scheduling. By building a good relationship with their academic advisor, students can begin their year with confidence that they are on the right path.

Arrive in St. Louis before classes begin

Arriving in St. Louis before classes begin is beneficial for students to settle into their new surroundings. Students who acquaint themselves with local transportation options, grocery stores, their new neighborhood, and the campus typically have a smoother transition at the start of the year.

Go all in

The most dedicated students are those who achieve the greatest success, as the effort they invest directly correlates with their outcomes. Contributing only 50% of their potential to MBA preparation will likely lead to dissatisfaction with the results. Students should complete all available online modules before starting the MBA program. This will help them familiarize themselves with campus resources and ensure they are thoroughly prepared to tackle their coursework.

Take advantage of existing resources and support for MBA students

Among the most valuable resources are the Graduate Programs Office and the Center for Career Engagement. If a student establishes a relationship with their academic and career advisor before arriving, they will be in a much better position to receive assistance with any questions that may arise. The staff in these offices are exceptional individuals whose primary measure of success is gauged by the degree to which their students attain academic achievement.

Preparing for an MBA is equally crucial as the MBA academic year itself. Individuals contemplating enrollment in the MBA program at Olin School of Business are advised to start developing positive habits early to guarantee their readiness for success as the next semester begins. By committing to this preparation early on, students position themselves for triumph right from the start. 

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